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Welcome to Dave's Place

This site is Netscape and Internet Explorer enhanced. I hope you find the links and informations useful, and come back soon.

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MicrosoftAddicted to NoiseLycos
Creative LabsGarden of StoneWebcrawler
LotusGuitar TabsPharmacy
MicrografxSoftware Creations BBSWeather
QuarterdeckTelevision & RadioWeather
HardwareByte This - Triple MWindows 95 Pages
Western DigitalThe
Seagate Television ShowsFrank's Win95 Page
Cirrus LogicSportNewspapers & Magazines
IntelATP RankingsZiff-Davis Publishing
AppleAFL Home PagePC User
EpsonPhone BooksWindows Magazine
Hewlett PackardTelstraThe Age

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Ren and Stimpy

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How do you make a cat woof?

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